JC Drawing: How to activate your license?

Table of Contents

JCID Intelligent Drawing is an amazing piece of software that makes our repair lifes 100x easier.

However, it can be quite confusing to activate your license for the first time.

So, let’s get started with the actual activation assuming you’ve already bought a license from our webshop:

Step 1

Go to the official JC website.


Step 2

Download the JCID Intelligent Drawing software from their “Download Center”.

Step 3

Once you have the program setup on your computer you can register an account or register with an existing JC account.

Note: Once you have registered a new account you’re not automatically logged in. Make sure to log-in.

Step 4

Click “USER” on the top left, you have the option called “Renewal recharge”.

Click this option.

Step 5

A pop-up will open called “Online renewal”.

Make sure to select the “Recharge card” option.

Step 6

  1. Enter your 18 digit license code in the first field.
  2. Enter your 8 digit password into the second field.
  3. Once you’ve entered the credentials you can click “Recharge”.

Step 7

After you’ve clicked “Recharge” a notification will appear:

This means you’ve successfully activated the software.