Microsoldering, what exactly is it? Before we talk about microsoldering, let’s start with a bigger problem.

A motherboard problem is not the end of a device!

A lot of people think that a device is completely unrepairable if it has a problem on the motherboard. Fortunately this is not the case. Micro Supplies is specialized in motherboard repairs. We carry out repairs on the motherboard of devices such as: smartphones, game consoles, laptops and PCs. Soldering on motherboards of these devices is considered microsoldering because the components on these motherboards are at a microscopic level. Carrying out these types of repairs therefore requires a lot of knowledge because a small mistake can have major consequences.


Microsoldering is extremely complex and the technology never stops. Fortunately, our experienced repairers are always learning so that they can teach you this again.

Can I learn how to do motherboard repairs?

Yes, we give courses in smartphone repair but also in microsoldering. View all our courses by pressing the button below.

Common motherboard problems:

Common with:

  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus

Common from the iPhone 7.
You can no longer turn on your WiFi and your Bluetooth. Your mobile data still works.

Common from the iPhone X.