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We made it super easy for you to send us your repair. When you send us your motherboard repair it will be checked by our professionals. You will then receive a quotation for the repair and you can agree to the repair.

You will receive log-in details so you can track your repair status everywhere you go.

This is how you easily send your repair

Via our mailing service you can have faulthy motherboards professionally repaired by one of our motherboard repair specialists

Start downloading the repair registration form by pressing the button below.

Fill out the registration form and print it out.

As soon as you have printed this out, fill in the information on the form if necessary and sign the form*.

* If the form is not signed, we will not repair the device and return costs will be charged.

Include the repair sign up form in the box along with the device.

Note: Never send accessories or send the device in the original packaging.
Wrap your package well and then send it to one of the addresses below:

Micro Supplies
Hamsterkoog 3A, Alkmaar
1822 CD, the Netherlands
Micro Supplies Repairpoint
Kerkplein 8, Izegem
8870, Belgium

Frequently Asked Questions

You have received an invoice with the corresponding repair information in the specified email address.

Once the invoice has been paid, your device will be shipped with insurance (Micro Supplies will cover the shipping costs).

If the repair of your device is not possible, there are 2 choices you can choose from:
  1. The device will be disposed of completely free of charge.
  2. Insured shipping, fully assembled, test parts disassembled. Total: €15,-
This is of course possible. In this case, our standard research costs will be charged + return costs**.
Total costs: €49,99
** Your device will be well packaged and the shipping will be insured.

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Terms & Conditions

By sending us your repair and signing the form, you agree to the following conditions: